Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here we go again...

These mugs are on the inside cover of Run the Cat Roads by L.L. Edge. A book I will not be able to read because I'm too busy studying and procrastinating. (Not that anything that I'm studying is actually sticking too my brain)

I got an email from the FBI again telling me that the files I want are at the NARA and the file numbers I should request. The file numbers are the same file numbers that I requested on my last visit. If you recall I was woefully disappointed.

So, I guess it's back to square one with NARA. I forward the email, explain the tragedy of my last visit, and ask for confirmation that NARA destroyed the files after they were sent over from the FBI. If NARA did destroy the files then they did so with out the FBI's knowledge because my email says that the documents have not been destroyed. Maybe they still exist but they are just lost. So let's all say a collective prayer that what is hidden in the dark comes to light. I know I will. My one consoling thought is that if this proves to be my worst problem this year then I am truly blessed!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

John Langan

So this is John Langan; he was pointed out as Vivian's accomplice when she when on her KC, Mo crime spree. They held up a series of small stores (shoe stores, drug stores, etc) for some small change. Langan was also involved with Clarence Sparger and a couple of robberies that put him on the FBI radar. I had requested the FBI to search to see if they still maintained the files on him. No such luck. Evidently "records responsive to my request were destroyed on 2/1/1990; 3/1/1993; and 3/1/1998. Oh well...all is lost.

The FBI may still have Vivian Chase's file...they have searched through records still in their possession and have found files that were microfilmed that may be relevant. Just one problem the FBI's microfilm readers are broken! A very nice Public Information Officer explained that they would not know if these were the files that I sought for at least another month by which time the microfilm machines would be fixed. I wish I had become interested in Vivian earlier in the 80's or 90's.