Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Chicago Outfit

I LOVE old photographs! So I love this book...Images of America The Chicago Outfit John Binder's photographic essay on organized crime in Chicago.

I enjoy the first couple of sections that deal with the old days and wish these sections comprised the whole book. It's no secret that my interest in criminals ends with the 40's. There are loads of pictures in here that I haven't seen someplace else and they are good quality. I literally drooled over the photo of inside of Colisimos and there's a very early photo of Jake Guzik where he almost looks normal!

Crime scene photos, vacation photos, mug shots this book pretty much covers Capone's group. Cool.

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Maddog said...

Not to detract from John Binder's book, which is excellent and one of my favorites, but just as an aside the front cover photo was first published in 1990 on the back cover of The Quotable Al Capone by Mark Levell and Bill Helmer (tho they did misidentify a couple of individuals, as Binder and others discovered in subsequent research).