Monday, March 19, 2007

Cool Mail!

Just got this Karpis VHS tape in the mail! I am so looking forward to seeing this interview (if only I could kick my nephew out of front of my only TV set!) Alvin Karpis has a rep as one of the smarter thieves from the 30's. Unlike Dillinger, Nelson, and Floyd he was not gunned down by FBI agents. He's got a couple of books that are great reads too.

I got a letter from the FBI saying that the Luer files have been transferred to the archives so I am in search there. The National Archives actually have a great web site , but not much of the stuff that I am interested in is on there. Although it you would like to see prison profiles from the Federal Prison system you can probably find them. We'll see. The good part is that the files are stored close by so if I have to I can add them to the ever extending list of things I gotta do. So much to know so little time.

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Anonymous said...

I'm commenting on the Willima Radkay book. Willima Radkay tells us that he was a prison mate of Alvin Karpis at Hutchinson. This is not possible since he was there in 1935 and Karpis was out of there in 1930. Mr. Radkay also tells us he was a prison mate of Pretty Boy Floyd in 1935 but Floyd was already dead then. In my opinion, this throws doubt on the historical accuracy of his claims.