Friday, March 23, 2007

Karpis Interview

Well I enjoyed the interview I got to watch it for the first time last night. I mainly enjoyed just seeing an older Karpis. The interview set up was a joke: they had these actors dressed up as the 70's version of 30's gangsters. Silly. The interview itself wasn't substantial. There was so much that guy could have asked. Honestly, he asks Karpis about Doc Moran's death and doesn't probe further. What about the time Moran refused to treat John Hamilton? I guess that's the way the world works you can't have someone who is too into the criminal asking questions because I guess mainstream gets too upset. It's not about glorifying his acts it's just about information.
I wish I could get a hold of the FBI interviews with Karpis after his capture.


maddog said...

I thought the interviewer seemed way out of his depth. It really killed me when he asked Karpis if he ever paid taxes! Karpis, on the other hand, came off quite intelligently. Like you say, not a lot of substance but entertaining. There's also an Alcatraz video that features Karpis interviewed by actor Howard Duff.

maddog said...

p.s. I don't have the actual transcripts but have got an FBI report summarizing Karpis's interrogation. It is interesting. Karpis sometimes questioned the feds about their methods, for example asking why the wanted posters never mentioned his being left handed. He seemed to have a genuine professional curiosity there, which also comes across in his books.

janiceaso said...

After watching Michael Mann's Public Enemies, I was interested enough to read up on Dillinger and Karpis.
I was wondering about this interview aired in 2007 with Karpis that you mention above; what are the specifics, and the name of the program if I wanted to try and get a copy of it. Thanks!

bestyegg said...

the video didn't air in 2007 but I brought the video and watched it in 2007! you can get a copy of the video from

this is the site that I recieved mine from. hopefully there will be a definitive work out on the Barker Karpis gang one day.