Sunday, January 20, 2008

Alvin Karpis Story

After the disappointing experience at the archives I wanted to read something fun. The Alvin Karpis Story is so much fun to read because it's quick paced and Karpis doesn't have any remorse about anything. If your not familiar with the Barker-Karpis (or Karpis-Barker gang as Alvin Karpis puts it)then you won't be bogged down with keeping track of the bodies.

It's funny that in the Video interview
,Karpis says that he thinks he killed around 13-14 men. You won't find out who Karpis murdered from this book he lays the blame for every death on someone else, usually Freddy Barker. It makes sense, because there's no statue of limitations on murder like there is for bank robbery. No one ever accused Karpis of being stupid. But as I read the book, I wonder which of the murders Karpis actually did himself. Karpis' other book about life on Alcatraz is a great read too maybe I'll read it tonight. The only thing I wish were different about this book is that I wish it had an index of people and heists.