Friday, January 11, 2008

Nothing Much....

I haven't been doing much lately...went to the archives New Year's eve. I found Vivian Chase's case file record information. Finally! Believe it or not the FBI indexes (indices for snobs) are still on 3x5 index cards! Yes, for class 91 (bank robbery) there are 64 card file boxes. Each index contains a name (and if your lucky) cross references. I'd be happy to input that stuff on an excel spread sheet; but according to one NARA employee the FBI is going to give NARA a copy of their electronic index SOMEDAY soon. I wonder how many of those cards actually made it to the electronic index! Call me paranoid if you like. I've been called worse and a few people actually meant it!

So my boss has been so kind as to let me take Jan. 18 off so off to the archives I'll be in my comfortable shoes so I can make loads of copies.

Needless to say if Vivian's file only has congratulatory letters to Hoover I will be heartbroken.