Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lee and Linn Flournoy

This is Linn Flournoy, Lee Flournoy's twin brother, I couldn't locate a decent picture of Lee Flournoy, so since the two were identical a photo of Linn will have to do. Lee Flournoy, if you are not aware, was Charlie Mays partner for the Cherryvale Bank robbery. So far from what I've read Lee may have been the leader of the gang, but then again.... I've received articles on Lee including a more detailed version of what actually happened in Picher, OK in 1926 when Charlie and Lee were killed in a gunfight with lawman. It always seemed strange to me that they would be killed in the wee hours of the morning carousing as opposed to breaking and entering someplace.
If the picture of Linn, above looks a little hapless, it's because he owes his trip to the MO penitentiary to his twin, Lee. Linn, along with Lee's wife Dorothy, attempted to break Lee out of jail while Lee was waiting for trial on murder charges. Actually, they might have gotten away from it if they hadn't decided to make Dorothy their third man. It seems she became rattled waiting for them (she was the driver). She drove away leaving them to make do. They were caught. Lee and Linn were sent to the MO Pen. Now that photo exists now because Linn was arrested for theft (of groceries) in 1926. Only 3 months after the deaths of his parents and Lee. He admits that the crime was due to stupidity. Since the crime occur ed in KS where he did his time a file, and pictures, still exist.
I think I'm going to try to write something on the Cherryvale bank robbery. It wasn't the crime of the century but the players and circumstances of the event are worth telling. BTW, I got a call from the FBI about some files for the Denver Mint Robbery of 1922. It will be interesting to hear what they've found.