Monday, November 27, 2006


Maybe I am a little crazy to be obsessed with early crimes! That is the conclusion I come to after being away from work for a week. I did the Thanksgiving Dinner thing and during the work that was involved I think that time was the only time I wasn't thinking about old dead criminals!

Man, talk about a nut! Oh well, we all need a hobby. I also believe it's in my nature to be obsessive about topics. So I won't sweat it. I will sweat an hour a day studying Trust Fund arrangements and such. Ain't I the lucky one!!

I got the Barker-Karpis Cd's from the FBI. It's so funny because before they sent them out the records assistant called to let me know there had been a mistake. The letter the FBI sent me to let me know that I could get the Barker-Karpis gang information for $30 bucks was a mistake. $30 would get me the individual files on the Barkers and Alvin Karpis not the files on the gang. Those files take up over 20 Cd's and cost in excess of $400. Needless to say I will not be getting those. You can see all of those files on the FBI FOIA website . The Karpis file is really Hoover congratulatory file. Loads of letters and newspaper clippings congratulating Hoover for Barker's capture.

I think I have enough to write a couple of paragraphs on Vivian Chase. We'll see...


maddog said...

Any idea of the breakdown of content on the Barker-Karpis cd's? My guess would be that the Hamm kidnapping files, many of which I have paper copies of, are all on one disc. I'd like to get the Bremer files on cd's if possible but may have to wait until I get some book income. I think that's where the real nitty gritty stuff is.

bestyegg said...

When you make your request I would specifically request the files associated with the Bremer kidnapping. I haven't had a chance to go to the reading room to take a look at the CD's. Sometimes the FOIA people actually are very nice and sometimes they are sticks, but it won't hurt to ask. Especially since the Hamm kidnapping files used to be available separately anyway.