Friday, November 10, 2006


YES!! Ellen Poulsen, who wrote a great book Don't Call Us Molls, put me in touch with Robert Winter, who wrote a book on the Barker Gang Mean Men, Mr. Winter kindly telephoned me after I wrote him introducing myself and requesting information on Vivian Chase. Her maiden name is Davis; she was actually born in Nebraska not Missouri! Her full given name Vivian Grace Chase. He was able to tell me some of her criminal history and where she got married. He's a wonderful source. He's also doing research on the Michigan City Prison break of 1933; so I agreed to send him a copy of some of my stuff. He doesn't have a computer though so hard copy only. Both Ellen and Bob are very kind to share information with me.

After speaking with Bob, I was able to research the 1920 census. Bob had told me the family was in Springfield, MO by this time. Lo and behold easy as pie there she was. So now I have maybe 3 sentences of information about her! Hopefully, when I start getting into the old newspapers I'll be able to find more information about her Liberty jail break and the bank job she was on. Bob gave me a whole list of gangs she ran around with. We'll see.

Now, if I could just get that Karpis data from the FBI....

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