Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dead End

Well, fortunately it was fairly uneventful today. I did get Vivian Chase's death certificate in the mail. Unfortunately, there isn't any information other than she died. Good news only cost me a $5 from Missouri State. Here it is in all it's enigmatic glory:Ah me, ah my...will I ever find more information about Vivian Chase? I only found one entry for a Vivian Chase in the National Archives online data search. The woman had the right name and possibly the right age, but she was in Arizona and a Native American. Now, it's not unusual for those in Missouri to have an Indian connection; but, I have nothing that links those characteristics to the Vivian Chase I am looking for. I found an article about a Vivian Chase who was arrested for bank robbery in TX, but again. How do I know it's the same person. She used a number of aliases. The woman in TX was visiting her sister (in jail) when arrested, but with out Vivian's maiden name I can't research records to find out if she had other family. Man..if I only knew what county in MO she was born in I could find her!

Well, on a brighter note I should have better luck with Walter Dietrich. He's easy to find and that's his real name. Yeah!

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